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Crashing every time I press set time. It's a shame this is the second app I purchase in less then three days with this issue

Doesn't work

All the functions are easy to set but you can't save the shift. The ads are almost directly in front of the save function.

this is bull****

this app is horrible kicks me out every time I try to Input anything, if you pay for something it aught to freaking work!


App worked for months and now every time I got to enter my date and time it crashes EVERY TIME!!! DO NOT BUY!!! Waste of $1.


NO WAY I JUST PAID for this app and i have not even put any shifts in! It crashes EVERY SINGLE time I try to put clock-in time. I want my money back!!!!

This app is junk

Doesn't work at all! Cant save because the save button doesn't work. Dimensions are wrong and buttons cover words. Save ur money and get a diff app


There needs to be a feature to calculate overtime. The app also has no options button and will not allow me to change my hourly rate. What a waste of money!!!

It won't work

I'm new to this app and since I've gotten it whenever I click on anything it just crashes and close out. I haven't gotten a chance to use it because it won't work.


No settings available. Only lets you enter pay rate and tips. Cannot specify hours, so it doesn’t calculate anything. The save button doesn’t even work. Does absolutely nothing.

Horrible app

This app does not have updated stats. I have over 20 wins, and the app says I have 0. Like what’s the point in using this app if the stats are not current? Delete this app, it’s garbage.


Now after the update. there are ads everywhere. I hate this developer for this particular reason. These devs are money hungry greedy sell outs.

Old version was great

new version is useless for me.I used the old version to keep track of how many hours I was at during the week. Now I have to add them myself which pretty much makes this app useless.

Just Wasted My Money

I got this app because it looks like everything I'm looking for to track my hours and wages. But it crashes every time I try to set a time to clock in! You just stole my money! Fix this now!


I am so mad! I just paid a buck for this app that crashes when you try to tap ANYTHING ON IT!!! Please fix!!! I feel like I just wasted a dollar. I thought I was getting something in return and all I got was crash trash.

Used to be great.

Loved this app, it was efficient and very helpful. Now it crashes everytime I try to set the clock in time. So frustrating!


This app crashes like crazy. This app does not help me at all because the job that this app is suppose to perform crashes and kicks you out of the app. Don't waste your dollar here on this app unless you want to fume on this garbage app.

Please update!!!!

Have been using this for almost 2 years for work and now it won't load since ios8 update. I've been trying to find new apps and they just aren't as simple and useful for me as this app please update so I can continue to use this app.


Can't even use the app because everything I click on "set time" to set my clock in time the app shuts down?!?!! I spent money on this and it doesn't even stay open long than 10 seconds?!?! This is HORRIBLE! And I have ios8 so it's not like it's a system or network problem!

Not worth buying.

This app is not wirth buying... its not even friendly. The idea its excelent but here are the flaws: Wont let you edit the punches. Its just for full timers. No partime. No extra hours. You cant select the days you want to send. ... well its awful... money down the drain! Dont buy it!

Don’t make more than $1000

If you make more than $1000 in a shift it won’t calculate more than 3 digits in the dollars area. I tried emailing you the application kept getting an error. I thought this was a great app until I couldn’t make more than $1000 in a shift. Can you fix it? If you do then I can give 5 stars. Jaclyn


Not worth even the thought of putting one star. Crashes. I would have been more inclined to give this app at least two stars for a good effort. But I wasnt even given a chance to test the functionality of the app before it crashed. Again and again and again and again. So -5 stars. Is what i would like to rate this app.

Very Disappointed

This app is extremely limited and completely useless to me. There's no way to enter yesterday's hours or any other day's hours, if you want to track your time after you've finished working, and if you work till 1am or anytime past midnight, this app only adds the hours before midnight. Not worth paying for.

Change settings

This is a great app but it go accidentally deleted and I lost all my hours. Please find a way to store the hours. In a conclusion , I lost 3 months of hours check in from a part time home. How am I suppose to remember all those hours now ? In other words. The point of having the app is useless. Let me get a pen and a paper and write all my hours down.

If your not telling me how many hours I worked than pointlessI clock in write it down...

Nice that' works, oh yeah I took a break okay that works, clock back in from break okay that works, clock out I'm done with work... Okay okay okay what's up why don't you tell me how many hours I worked and I get paid salary so is is not really that helpful when it comes to hourly but just to have it tracked down would be nice just for my working habits but when it doesn't do it's main job and that's to tell you at the end of the day how many hours I work... Therefore this is crap I can write down everything on my OmniFocus if I want to take the time to do it all myself.... Pointless app trust me

Lost shifts, doesn’t remember hourly pay

I tried this app out and it worked fine for one “shift.” Then I entered a second shift and had to enter my hourly pay in again. But otherwise things went fine. When I entered my third shift of working this week, the first one disappeared. It never remembers your hourly rate. Tedious. It doesn’t have a way to make the screen go away and let you enter new time without closing out of the app entirely. If you enter time (did this the first day) and click on the icon to the upper left thinking that how you get back to the app’s main screen, it deletes what you’ve just entered - and remember, it doesn’t keep your hourly rate, lol. There are better apps out there that remember your hourly, manage to be more user-friendly, don’t lose entire days without warning (or perhaps this free version only lets you keep track of two shifts?). I’ll keep hunting for a time keeping app until my favorite updates and can be used with the latest iOS.

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